Get Ready for Your First Semester

Welcome to the Lion pride! We are excited for you to join the Multnomah community. Knowing the next steps to take after you are admitted can be confusing, so we compiled everything into one easy checklist! Below, you’ll find all the steps you need to take (in order) before you start classes.

Note for Graduate & Seminary students: Each of these steps also applies to your checklist except for 2) Living Arrangement Form and 6) Health Insurance Waiver.

Your Checklist

Submit Enrollment Deposit

Submitting your $200 Enrollment Deposit secures your spot in the incoming class, allows you priority choice for housing, and makes you eligible to register for courses for your first semester during the open enrollment period.



Complete Living Arrangement Form

Complete the Living Arrangement Form to apply for on-campus housing or confirm your commuter status! All students, regardless of housing plans, must complete the Living Arrangement Form. Your rank in line when it comes to housing preferences will be determined by both a completed Living Arrangement Form and the confirmed receipt of your $200 Enrollment Deposit. For the fall semester, incoming students will receive their housing assignments in July. Check out the Housing page to learn more.

Note for Graduate & Seminary students: You are not required to fill out a living arrangement form unless you are planning to live on campus.

Questions: Contact Student Life at (503) 251-5311 or




Finish Financial Aid Application

Make sure you apply for Financial Aid! Check out the Financial Aid page to get started and complete your FAFSA.

Questions: Contact Financial Aid at (503) 251-5335 or



Create Student Account

Before you can register for classes, you must first create your student account!



Register for Classes

After submitting your Enrollment Deposit, completing your FAFSA, and creating your student account, you will be eligible to register for classes.

New undergraduate students complete the Registration Preferences form. You will receive your class schedule from the Registrar’s Office within a week of submission. Registration opens on May 15th!

Returning students or graduate students may use Self-Service to register for classes.



File Health Insurance Waiver

Multnomah University has a counseling center (The Student Counseling & Wellness Center) to provide support resources for student needs related to mental health. We also realize that many students will have situations and concerns that require services beyond those which we can provide on campus.

That’s why we require all traditional undergraduate college students who are enrolled with six or more credits and all international students to purchase health insurance through the school or to provide proof of equivalent coverage through a personal health insurance policy.

As an institution, we have a plan through PacificSource. All traditional undergraduate students who are taking six or more credits and all international students will be automatically enrolled in the Multnomah University Student Health Insurance Plan at registration, and the premium for coverage will be included with their tuition bill.

If a student has existing coverage under their parents, a spouse, or an independent plan, and does not need the coverage through the school, they will be required to go through a waiver process to ensure comparable coverage each academic year. This process can only be completed online, after class registration.

Note for Graduate & Seminary students: You do not need to file a health insurance waiver.



Make Payment Arrangements

Set up your payment plan by contacting Student Accounts at or (503) 251-5345.


To view your account balance by semester or to view your payment statements, log in to your Self-Service account.

For more information about your student account or paying for school, visit our Student Accounts page.



Order Textbooks

Textbooks can be ordered through Slingshot. Your account is automatically created once you are enrolled in courses for an upcoming term.

Here’s how to access your Slingshot account where you can customize your textbook format and shipping experience:

1. Visit
2. Click the Log In button in the top right corner of the home screen.
3. Use your Multnomah credentials to sign in to your Slingshot Account.
4. View or make your course material preference selection under the “My Account” tab.


Submit Final Official Transcripts

Request official transcripts be sent to Multnomah University. Recent high school graduates should request a transcript showing your graduation date. Transfer or graduate students should send official transcripts after grades for your final term of enrollment have been submitted and any degrees earned have been posted.


Submit Immunization Form

Multnomah participates in the Northwest Student Health Insurance Consortium and provides student health insurance coverage through PacificSource.

A record of immunizations is required for all current students on-campus. Not required for online students.



Complete FERPA Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is a United States federal law that governs the access to educational information and records by public entities such as potential employers, publicly funded educational institutions, and foreign governments.



Get Your Parking Pass

Planning to bring a car to campus? Make sure you’ve received a parking pass from our Campus Support office.



RSVP for New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a required event for all incoming students and takes place just before classes begin. RSVP required!

Undergraduate Students
Fall 2023: August 24th – 27th

Learn More RSVP

Graduate & Seminary Students
Fall 2023: August 25th


Get a Glimpse into Life as a Student

In ‘Lion’s Life’, Sydney, a biology student and member of the women’s soccer team, vlogs about her experience as a student at Multnomah. See what life looks like in school, at practice, at events, and in the in between moments.

New Student Resources